Consumer Loans

We understand that not every need or want in life fits into a category. Five County offers loans for whatever life milestone or circumstance comes your way. Qualified borrowers, get approved in less than 30 minutes with our easy online application process. We offer great rates & flexible terms!

Auto Loans »

Up to 115% financing on new and used vehicles including motorcycles. Approximate repayment up to five years (used) and seven years (new). Same low rate for many new and used vehicle terms. Refinancing from dealerships or other financial institutions available.

Personal Loans »

Credit Line
Borrow up to $10,000, by writing your own check.

Safety Net
Safety Net Overdraft Protection line of credit for overdraft protection up to $2,500.00, approval required.

Signature Loans
Borrow up to $10,000 with an approximate repayment up to 7 years.

Recreational Loans
Loans for new and used recreational vehicles (boats, travel trailers, motor homes, campers & snowmobiles), approximate repayment up to 10 years, up to 115% financing available.

Credit Builder Loans »

Five County Credit Union specializes in helping members establish good credit. You can start building your good credit with our Credit Builder Loan. Here’s how it works:

  • You request the loan amount.
  • You will have up to one year to repay the loan (12 monthly payments).
  • The funds from the loan are placed in your Five County Credit Union Savings Account.
  • You make loan payments to Five County Credit Union.
  • Once the loan is repaid in full, the funds can be withdrawn from your Savings Account as needed.

To qualify for this loan all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a limited credit history. All applicants must be in good standing with Five County Credit Union, and have the means to repay the loan. When the loan is paid in full you can withdraw the funds from savings and put the funds to use in a variety of ways – a secured credit card, the down payment for a major purchase or an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.